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Awards and achievements

Stars of the Week

Flamingos: Damon
Seahorses: Ashley
Penguins: Tommy
Owls: Lexie
Pandas: Jakub
Turtles: Simran
Tahrs: John
Foxes: Ellie
Gorillas: Gracie
Deer: Daniyaal (4F)
Falcons: Eva (4D)
Honeybees: Kamile
Lobsters: Amar
Lynx: Jaismeen

Readers of the Week

Seahorses: Scarlett
Penguins: Lewis
Owls: Nimrath
Pandas: Ajooni
Turtles: Salah
Tahrs: Aryan
Foxes: Dion
Gorillas: Lucas
Deer: Anna-May (4F)
Falcons: Louie (4D)
Honeybees: Haya
Lobsters: Millie
Barracudas: Advait & kiki
Lynx: Sean & Patricia

Writers of the Week

Seahorses: Zahir
Penguins: Gabriel
Owls: Archie
Pandas: Kiyan
Turtles: Archie
Tahrs: Sultan
Foxes: Harrison
Gorillas: Shoaib
Deer: Serra
Falcons: Sabrina
Honeybees: Alexandra
Lobsters: Christopher
Barracudas: Avni

Attendance Award

100% Attendance: 16th April- 24th May
Zahir Jan: Seahorses
Scarlett Ludlow: Seahorses
Ryan Gajrel: Owls
Ethan Farrell: Owls
Tony White: Tahrs
Arjun Jammu: Deer
Daniel Fiddes: Honeybees
Daniel Browns: Barracudas

Highfield is a GOOD school because:

The new headteacher, with the support of new senior leaders and the governing body, has led the school very effectively. They have established a culture of high expectations around teaching, pupils’ achievement and behaviour. The school is a diverse and harmonious community. Pupils mix well together and have very positive relationships with school staff.

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