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Awards and achievements

Stars of the Week

Peacock: Jack
Puffin: David
Seahorses: Lexie
Flamingoes: Ali
Owls: Umeyr
Pumas: Lyla-Rose
Turtles: Lila
Jazzy Bears: Gracie
Dolphins: Lili
Foxes: Anelia
Koalas: Jessica
Sharks: Alexandra.C
Lions: Shay
Hawks: Aaliyah
Barracudas: Ellis

Readers of the Week

Seahorses: Leone
Flamingoes: Mia
Owls: Sayam
Pumas: Samuel
Turtles: Hussain
Jazzy Bears: Nojan
Dolphins: Arjun (3F)
Foxes: Liliana
Koalas: Haajira
Sharks: Manaaal
Lions: Andi
Hawks: Rosie
Barracudas: Lucy

Writers of the Week

Seahorses: Yusuf
Flamingoes: Ryan
Owls: Mya
Pumas: Natasha
Turtles: Emma
Jazzy Bears: Kenzie
Dolphins: Imaya, Inshaal, Jasnam, Perla & Eshal
Foxes: Ethan
Koalas: Leja
Sharks: Hemani
Lions: Richie
Hawks: Jack
Barracudas: Harry

Attendance Award

Starfish: Arundeep Bhamra
Owls: Joseph Demie
Jazzy Bears: Ayan Shah
Foxes: Maryam Amiri
Foxes: Georgia Jackson
Koalas: Advait Sahay
Sharks: Kacey Banks
Baboons: Skye Gregory

Highfield is a GOOD school because:

The new headteacher, with the support of new senior leaders and the governing body, has led the school very effectively. They have established a culture of high expectations around teaching, pupils’ achievement and behaviour. The school is a diverse and harmonious community. Pupils mix well together and have very positive relationships with school staff.

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